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Universal abdominal belt PT 0102

22,60 € each

Universal abdominal belt "22"

Waist circumference cm


  • facilitates everyday activity after abdominal surgery
  • reduces the risk of post-operative hernia
  • promotes post-operative well-being by increasing patients stability and self-confidence
  • restrains further enlargement of existing abdominal hernias (eg umbilical or post-operative hernia)
  • supports abdominal muscles during physical exercise and prevents visceral dislocation
  • has a warming effect
  • wearing an abdominal belt is an important element of a pre-operational treatment
  • recommended also for inoperable patients

How to keep:

• Hand wash at 40 ° C using mild detergents. Do not iron! Do not chlorinate!

• Fasten Velcro before washing to avoid damage to the product.

Composition: polyester 55%, cotton 30%, elastane 8%, polyurethane 4%, polyamide 3%


Разработано с JooMix.